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The paradigm change from batch production to continuous manufacturing is progressing in the pharmaceutical industry. The proportion of machines and systems that produce pharmaceutical solids continuously is growing visibly.  Continuous manufacturing offers pharmacists advantages in terms of

  • Quality
  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility
  • Operator, machine and environmental safety
  • Faster development cycles.
Continuous Manufacturing- Pharmaceutical

L.B. Bohle

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Continuous Manufacturing

As an independent technology company supplying machines and processes to the pharmaceutical industry, L.B. Bohle aims to play a decisive role in shaping the trends and developments in the industry. We have been active as a pioneer in the field of Continuous Manufacturing for more than ten years. In recent years, we have additionally intensified our continuous production activities with high investments in product development, personnel and infrastructure. In part, the FDA guidance on process analytical technologies (PAT) and ICH Guidelines Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11, Q12, and Q13 on pharmaceutical development, quality-based risk management, and quality systems have given a big boost to the idea of continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. For continuous manufacturing, L.B. Bohle offers the QbCon® production plant, which realizes continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical solids from powder to the coated tablet via direct compression, dry or wet granulation. Furthermore, L.B. Bohle produces machines for the processes twin-screw granulation, dry granulation, drying and tablet coating, which implement the individual process steps of continuous manufacturing.
Continuous manufacturing for research and development

With QbCon® 1 we present the first truly continuous wet granulator and dryer for research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. QbCon® 1 offers numerous advantages to operators, such as comfortable handling and fast development of new products, and is the optimal start into continuous production.

In addition to R&D systems, our customers also rely on continuous systems on a production scale. Our linked, fully automated systems ensure a production process with theoretically unlimited running time.

With engineering expertise and extensive process know-how, we have succeeded in developing and patenting a truly continuous drying process for granules – without interruptions and without the formation of sub-batches – on a laboratory and production scale.

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