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Our specialists from R&D, engineering and sales are available to our customers, especially when developing new production processes or changing from a previously used batch process to continuous manufacturing. Our goal is to realize the best result for the continuous manufacturing of tablets together with the customer.

On the way to the introduction of Continuous Manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, we accompany our customers from the first planning idea to the installation of the system at the production site. Even after that, we check and configure all required parameters for you. Even after that, we check and configure all required parameters for you.

With our comprehensive product range for Continuous Manufacturing for pharmaceutical tablet production, we enable continuous production across all established production processes. The following practical examples provide an initial overview of successfully implemented projects.

Continuous Manufacturing - Project

L.B. Bohle

Continuous Manufacturing

QbCon® 1 for a University in the United States


QbCon® 1 is already being used successfully by numerous producers in practice and above all in research and development. For the first time, QbCon® 1 enables a truly continuous granulation and drying process. Our patented fluid bed drying guarantees the material flow from the raw material to the dried granules in closed continuous operation. 

At the university in the USA, QbCon® 1 is used for scientific studies, e.g. on the residence time of the granules or for process optimization.”

QbCon® WG for Generics Manufacturer

In the production of generic drugs, one of our customers has been using Continuous Manufacturing since recently. The batch process previously used in manufacturing has been successfully replaced by continuous wet granulation and drying. In this practical example, the QbCon® system allows a throughput of 25 kg/h. The customer uses the plant to produce various products.
Continuous Manufacturing - Wet Granulation and Drying

QbCon® – High-Containment

Continuous Manufacturing - QbCon 1 High Containment
An internationally operating pharmaceutical company decided to install a system for the continuous production of tablets via wet granulation. The entire plant consists of a QbCon® 1 for continuous wet granulation and drying and a mixing and dosing unit, each completely enclosed by an isolator, a BTS 100 sieve, the XL 100 WipCon® tablet press from Korsch, and the KOCO® 25 semi-continuous coater. The customer plans to produce highly potent active ingredients on the plant.  

KOCO® - Semi-Continuous Tablet Coater

At a site in Europe, an international pharmaceutical company produces tablets on a KOCO® 25  in continuous operation. 


Several products will be produced on the flexible tablet coater, which ensures high throughput, best coating results and uniformity.

Continuous Coater KOCO

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